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Jazz Music, Flappers and Gangsters. When you think of these things, you think of the roaring 1920's. Movie Stars and Sporting heroes began to come the forefront of the papers. The Great Gatsby, Winnie the Pooh, Lady Chatterley's Lover and Mrs Dalloway were published within the 20's.
Men's fashion choices of this era were Suits, with trousers being narrow and short so the socks could be seen. Bowler Hats, Flat Caps, Braces, A silk handkerchief or Trilby's would be the accessory of the time.
Women's fashion choices of this era were Low Waisted Dresses with a Knee length and Full Hems, commonly known as Flapper Dresses. This was so they could dance the 'Charleston Dance' freely. Accessories would be Headbands with Feathers, Cloche Hats, Cigarette Holders, and Gloves. Hairstyles were worn in a 'Bob' or had a Marcel Wave in them.
Here you will find everything 1920’s! From Dresses and Suits to Hats, Wigs and Ties, you’re sure to find your perfect costume.
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