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The 1950's........A decade of Teddy Boys, Preppy school kids, Television, Homemakers Tupperware and Crooners.
Music from artists such as Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Bing Crosby, Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley became the music of the era.
Mens fashion of this decade included Teddy Boy Suits, Bowling shirts and Leather Jackets. Men would experiment with their hair with styles such as Quiffs and Sideburns.

Womens fashion of this decade included Knee length dresses which billowed out from the waist. Dresses such as 'Wiggle dresses' were also around. Young women would tie their hair up in a ponytail with a curl, Housewives would wear their hair in a slight beehive with a curl aswell. Rollers, Pins and lots of hairspray were a necessity!
Here you will find everything 1950’s! From Dresses and Teddy Boy Costumes to Hats, Wigs, Scarfs and Glasses. You’re sure to find your perfect costume.
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